“ICHRA” Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Saving small business and their employees! This time the Government has listened and extended the olive branch. In its simplest term, an ICHRA will allow businesses the alternative to offer employees a monthly allowance of tax-free money. It allows them to buy individual health coverage tailored to fit their unique needs, control costs. ICHRA’s also […]

Partial Self-Funding: “Bending The Healthcare Trend”

The year is 2009, my good friend Mark Gaunya, of Borislow Insurance co. writes the book “Bend The Healthcare Trend“. In 2017 the second edition is printed. Why is this subject so important? Believe it or not, companies from 5 – 5000 employees can “Bend The Healthcare Trend”. How you ask? Partial self-funding.  My clients have […]