Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

We keep in mind that we are striving to work within your budget and at the same time give your employees the security they need that their employer is offering the richest benefits available in the marketplace. We then work with you on the most effective way to communicate and implement those benefits to your employees.


Traditional plans. Partially self-funded plans with National PPO networks available for groups from 5-100 employees.


Dental plans with adult orthodontia. Two routine teeth cleanings a year has now changed to three a year.


Depending on your company's size carriers are offering three year rate guarantees on these benefits. EAP, "Employee Assistance Plan".


An inexpensive key benefit. Staring at the computer monitor all day affects your employees vision. Routine eye exams are a must to overall wellness.


Give your employees peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. Life insurance accomplishes this at surprisingly low rates.


When sick leave and PTO is exhausted your employees still have to pay their bills.


Often overlooked. These benefits can offer everything from Pet, Cancer, Legal and a multitude of other benefits to your employees. These benefits are at no cost to you the employer and build tremendous loyalty between you and your employees.


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